Dhatu Organic Sprouted Green Gram Flour

 1 Cup

 Organic Sulpherless Sugar

 1.5 Cup


 1Tb Spoon


 1.5 Tb Spoon

In a frying pan take the sprouted green gram flour and fry it on low flame until you get a fragrant roasted smell (about 3 - 4 minutes) and then keep it aside.

Add half cup water to the same pan and add the sugar to it and blend until the sugar melts and the syrup thinkens. To check the right consistancy, add 2 spoons of water in a small plate and add 4 drops of the syrup. If the syrup can be picked up with your fingers like little balls thats the right consistancy to turn the flame low to simmer.

Now add the roasted sprouted green gram flour to the sugar syrup and blend continuously for 2 minutes. At the end add the ghee and take the mixture off the flame.

Now pour the mixture to a plate that has been coated with ghee. In about 2 minutes you will be able to cut the burfy in the shape desired and ready to enjoy.

The original recipe is contributed by one of our customers. It is available here.

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Sprouted Green Gram Flour





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